I need help who can salve for B, and C If you can you are amazing! and you get points :)

Accepted Solution

Answer:B(X+Y=6) Step-by-step explanation:solution for question B:Given ,two points in sidewalk2 are (1,5) and (3,3) Equation of line in point slope form =[tex]y-y_{1} =m\times(x-x_{1} )[/tex]now the value of the slope [tex]m=\frac{y_{2}-y_{1} }{x_{2}-x_{1} }[/tex]m=-1. therefore the equation of straight line in point-slope form will be y-5=-1(x-1).Equation of line in slope intercept form is y=mx+c.and slope we have already calculated above that is equal to -1.hence equation of straight line in slope intercept form is y=-1(x)+6.Solution for question C:in a similar fashion calculate the equation of the straight line sidewalk1.on solving both the equations(x+y=6 and 2x+y=11) we get a unique solution hence the system of equations is consistent.A given system of equations is said to be consistent if there exists a common point where all the lines intersect.