PLEASE I NEED HELP ASAP ITS DUE TOMORROW PLEAAASEE HELP ME 30 POINTS AND BRAINIEST!!!Solve each given equation and show your work. Tell whether it has one solution, an infinite number of solutions, or no solutions, and identify each equation as an identity, a contradiction, or neither.(a) 20 - 4x = 12 - x + 8 - 3x(b) 5x + 4x - 3 = 24 + 8x(c) 5x + 6 = 2x + 6 + 3x - 15PLEASE HELP ME I BEG =(

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step explanation:Work: (A)a) 20βˆ’4x=12βˆ’x+8βˆ’3x 20βˆ’4x=12βˆ’x+8βˆ’3x 20+βˆ’4x=12+βˆ’x+8+βˆ’3x βˆ’4x+20=(βˆ’x+βˆ’3x)+(12+8)βˆ’4x+20=βˆ’4x+20 βˆ’4x+20=βˆ’4x+20 βˆ’4x+20+4x=βˆ’4x+20+4x 20=20 20βˆ’20=20βˆ’20 0=0 In this equation... All real #s are solutions.Work: (B)b) 5x+4xβˆ’3=24+8x 5x+4xβˆ’3=24+8x 5x+4x+βˆ’3=24+8x (5x+4x)+(βˆ’3)=8x+249x+βˆ’3=8x+24 9xβˆ’3=8x+24 9xβˆ’3βˆ’8x=8x+24βˆ’8x xβˆ’3=24 xβˆ’3+3=24+3 x=27 Work: (C)c) Β 5x+6=2x+6+3xβˆ’15 5x+6=2x+6+3xβˆ’15 5x+6=2x+6+3x+βˆ’15 5x+6=(2x+3x)+(6+βˆ’15)5x+6=5x+βˆ’9 5x+6=5xβˆ’9 5x+6βˆ’5x=5xβˆ’9βˆ’5x 6=βˆ’9 6βˆ’6=βˆ’9βˆ’6 0=βˆ’15HOPE THIS HELPS <3 :D